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Brian Santangelo is a Toronto based graphic + motion designer.


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Guaglio & Arcucci

Imagine the Italian Snoopy and Woodstock. Guaglio and Arcucci are an inseparable duo. Guaglio, the mischievous terrier, is a real charmer. He’ll win you over with just one look. Clever, desperate for attention and eager to please, Guaglio will follow you to the ends of the earth just to be beside you. He is a lover, a romantic and is animated to the extreme. Arcucci on the other hand is a real ball-buster; loud, annoying and out to mix it up. He is a downright trouble maker. A bit of a pain but endlessly lovable, Arcucci will always have your back. Despite his faults, he is a true friend, loyal and full of fire.



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